Analogue Technologies

About Us

“ We take special care to exceed the expectations of our diverse Customer base by continually making our products and Services better.”

Analogue was established in 2009 as a small suburban company where 3 Young engineering professionals working with product giant companies pursued big dreams.

Our first product was software based electrical solution for use within small companies for estimating total product cost.

Today, Analogue is a highly diversified global enterprise. We pursue boundless dreams by accepting challenges that others timidly avoid. We believe that a strong will can make dreams come true, and that limitless effort can overcome any obstacle. These beliefs from Analogue’s history remain the driving force behind our growth.

We aim to become a creative company that grows continuously throughout the future. Analogue employees around the world who have adopted this challenging spirit personify our path to growth.

Our Vision

To constantly innovate, passionately create and develop world class products for local and International market, which can be used effectievely and efficiently.

Our Mission

To expand continually in inspiring and utilizing quality practises and managing team work to develop world class products, that can result in total customer and employee satisfaction.